2020年4月2日 - As a machinist, you often have the opportunity to take an idea and transform it into something real and tangible. Projects are often believed to revolve around manufacturing parts where components mainly support the likes of the aerospace, automotive and technological industries. But recently students studying the Precision Machining & Manufacturing program at Perry Tech were able to leND their precise skills to an entirely different field - astronOMy.

什么一直是鲍勃yoesle,所有者和疯狂天文台台长热爱劳动,已成为佩里学生一个很好的机会,为一对的一类太阳望远镜创建组件。只有六个140毫米(5.5英寸)直径的氢α太阳能滤膜曾经在2000年代初期由亚利桑那州图森科罗纳过滤器制成。称为“双堆叠”140毫米氢α太阳望远镜,yoesle的望远镜采用望远镜管,其大幅提升了详细描述一个可在阳光下的气氛看到内部的第二90毫米(3.5英寸)的氢α滤波器 - 被称为色球。 “作为一个业余天文学家我根本没有足够的资源,也不是实际购买加工设备,把我的望远镜去生活,”说yoesle为什么他从事高科技佩里援助的原因。 yoesle继续“没有在管,真空联接器,过滤器的细胞和厕设备,适当的槽内部标准具模块不会一直可调看到详细的最佳水平。”

Students were tasked with both drilling and threading the filter module simultaneously with the delicate solar filter - known as an “etalon” - still in place. This was required in order to manage air pressure through a unique vacuum-tuning system. When asked how students benefit frOM projects like this, Dan Steinmetz, Precision Machining & Manufacturing program head, said, “This is how it is in the real world. The demands are real, aND the tolerances have no margin for error. I’ve been really proud to see my students be able to perform to the level that was needed.”

疯狂的天文台,它代表 MOM AND D广告天文台,位于戈尔登附近,WA,被命名为贡品bob的母亲和父亲先生。和夫人。弗农yoesle。鲍勃归功于他的父母对他的兴趣和追求,业余天文学的早期支持。今天,yoesle为公众提供一个机会,安全地查看并使用他的许多望远镜特殊的过滤器,在学校和社区活动研究太阳表面。 yoesle报道说,他的一对的一类140毫米双堆叠太阳望远镜计划要发布一个新的权威著作太阳能天文学和设备将于今年出来以后。

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